If you’re like many Californian’s, it can be easy to be discouraged at the high rent across the state. Many renters are considering making the transition to owning, and you should too. There are many benefits to owning versus renting, including saving thousands over the course of your life! As we’ve discussed before, waiting could actually be costing you money. 

Stressing already?  Don’t worry – the transition is actually easier than you might think! Follow our tips below to make the decision that will lead you and your family to future stability, savings, and an environment that’s completely your own. 

Getting your financial ducks in a row

There are small things you can do right now to cut back on monthly costs to start saving up for a down payment. Other than just skipping your daily coffee runs, you can check out more ways to save money here. You should also consider paying down debts and working on improving your credit score if it needs help. Simple things such as making timely payments more than the minimum or lowering your debt-to-income ratio will help!

Get pre-approved

This part of the process can be very helpful for your homeowner’s journey. Not only does it help you get an idea of the lending process, but it will also define a price range when house hunting. Check out our preferred lenders to get pre-approved.

Do you need to budget for more than just the home? 

When talking to new homeowners, one thing you might hear about a lot includes the “unexpected costs.” Make sure to do your research on property taxes in your area, as well as insurance, HOA fees, repairs, maintenance, and more. One of the many benefits of buying with Tim Lewis Communities? Our homes are brand new, curbing any unexpected maintenance costs or appliance updates. You can learn more about unexpected costs to be prepared for from LifeHack.

Research, Research, Research

One very simple step that many people forgo is simply researching the home buying process! This is in connection with the point above, but it will make the home buying process much less stressful if you’re not surprised by a sudden request or hiccup. Why not read up now instead of waiting until you really need the information? A great resource to check out is some top researched resources from Mint.com.

Call in the experts

Although many people go through the home buying process alone, a first-time homeowner can really benefit from working directly with a home builder. Here, we walk our prospected homeowners through all the available options and work with them to find the best home to suit their needs, from customizable options to helping them find the perfect floor plan. 

Ready to take the next step? At Tim Lewis Communities, we work directly with lenders and offer lots of other resources to help you in your journey. Let us help you make your home-owning dream come true!