This post was written by David Wiest, our Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Consultant. Please help David and his son reach their goal!

Before Picture - St. Baldricks

Here is the “before” picture of David and his son Carsten. See those nice, flowing locks? Soon to be GONE in the name of childhood cancer research!

Did you know that bald heads Cure Cancer? It might not be a direct correlation, but my son and I want to do our part to try to create a correlation. Here is the link to help:

And here is how it works:

We agree to shave our heads to draw attention to the fact that Childhood Cancer research is severely underfunded. Here are the details:

  • Of all the funds the federal government gives to cancer research, only 4% goes to Childhood cancer.
  • Worldwide a child is diagnosed with cancer every 3 seconds
  • In the US, before they turn 20, about 1 in 285 children in the US will have cancer
  • More children are lost to cancer in the U.S. than any other disease—in fact, more than many other childhood diseases combined

We want to do our part to help by shaving our heads to draw attention and encourage fundraising. We sacrifice the hair, and you donate to help fund childhood cancer research.  But we are putting our money where our mouth is too. We are committed to donating $1,000 of our own funds if we can get 100 of you to donate $25 to reach our goal of $2,500.

St. Baldrick’s needs to raise $35 million to fund every grant application that received an outstanding score in June 2014, only $25 million was available and granted. If we get to our $2,500 goal and we donate our $1,000 – that puts us at $3,500 which is .01% of the total funds needed to fund needed research requests.

All we need is you and 99 others to donate $25 and we will meet our personal goal.  (We could also do it with 25 friends and families giving $100). Please give what you can and help us kick cancer’s butt!

Here is info about how much of your money is going directly to the cure: