We want to change the image of HOAs you may have and share the benefits of buying in a community with a Homeowners Association. We think that after you read through our list that the words “Homeowners Association” will bring up an image of joyful pride.

Tim Lewis Communities offer a varying range of amenities in their homeowners association communities

Top 3 Benefits of Joining a Homeowners Association:

  1. Community Pride – Regular and regulated maintenance of homes, yards, open spaces and amenities bring the community together with a particular sense of pride. It’s easy to identify a community with an active HOA, simply by driving through it.
  2. Amenities – One of the largest benefits of living in a community with a Homeowners Association is the amenities available to its residents. The particular perks vary from community to community and may include: 
    • Maintained picnic areas
    • Parks
    • Pool
    • Entry gate
    • Privacy

    And more. When looking to buy your new home in a community with an HOA, be sure to review the complete list of amenities provided.

  3. Protection of Property Value – Because specific rules and regulations are enforced by the community HOA, homes, yards, sidewalks, streets and common areas remain in good repair. Each homeowner is attentive to the appearance and upkeep of their home and needed repairs.

As you can see, there are many benefits to buying your new home in a community with a Homeowners Association. The pride you feel when you first move into your new home is shared throughout the neighborhood and the entire community. Get ready to enjoy the perks of a beautifully maintained community with peace-of-mind for your safety and security.

Tim Lewis Communities offer varying amenities in our HOA communities. Please contact the sales agent for the particular community you’re interested in for a full list of that community’s amenities. And if you need a guide to each of our communities, simply click here.