While perusing the isles of the vast Granite warehouses for New home countertop selections,  I am once again reminded of the daily compromises we make in business and in life.

Granite for a Tim lewis Community Home

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Truly the beauty of Mother Nature’s most prized pieces would add a sense of luxury to any home.  Isles and isles of delicious swirls of creams and gold and greens and whites and artistic names that can’t begin to describe the beauty of the product.

Sea foam green,  Venetian Gold, Kashmir, Golden Beaches, Artic Pearl, Golden Art, Giallo and on and on.  It still amazes me that these vast arrays of granite slabs are designed, created and exist beneath the earth! While man has tried to replicate natural stone, clearly Mother Nature continues to trump him.

In the end, I will leave my world of Art, my day at the rock museum if you will, and not knowing who my next buyer might be, I will compromise with a selection that may be more suitable for a broad stroke of buyer’s rather than the beloved Da Vinci paint brush fan.

But wait!

Tim Lewis Home Uses High Quality GraniteMy eye connects with a beautiful swirl of cream and tan and an ever so soft blend of sage green- Mombasa! (the name assigned this beauty).

I have to believe there are buyers who visit Tim Lewis Communities out there that will appreciate the complexity and character and will see their coffee cups and cereal bowls canvassed by pure elegance! Indeed, my Monte Vista selection is made.



I am off to shop the competition for new home product in Elk Grove!

-Linda Schwartz

VP Sales & Marketing

Tim Lewis Communities