your first mortgage


When buying your home for the first time, you want to have confidence in the choices you’re making for you and your family. Wells Fargo is committed to helping first-time homebuyers for long-term homeownership. With yourFirst Mortgage you can put homebuying within reach with a down payment as low as 3% along with expert advice on how to help you understand and prepare for this exciting new chapter in your life.


yourFirst Mortgage

If you’re looking to a buy a home of your own, you should consider yourFirst Mortgage from Wells Fargo. This new home loan offers a low down payment, fixed-rate mortgages, expanded credit criteria, less complexity with the loan application and incentives for homebuyer education to help first-time homebuyers achieve homeownership. Let’s explore this unique opportunity.

Benefits of This Loan


There are multiple benefits to this loan including:

  • Low down payment and out-of pocket-costs

  • Getting a conventional mortgage with a down payment as low as 3%

  • Down payment and closing costs can come from your own savings, cash gifts, and assistance programs

  • The home seller also can contribute to your closing costs

  • Your income may include the the income of others who will be living with you, like family members

  • No reserves required

  • Customers who have a down-payment of less than 10% may earn a ⅛ % interest rate reduction when they complete a homebuyer education course.


Flexible Income and Credit Guidelines

This loan is great for first-time homebuyers and low-to moderate-income families who want an affordable buying experience. You can qualify with income from rentals or from someone who lives with you but isn’t a borrower. You can also show your credit history from sources like rent, tuition and utility payments. This easy to understand affordable loan option gives homebuyers another great option when searching the market. For more information on how to qualify speak with a mortgage consultant today.

youfirst Mortgage

Wells Fargo is committed to helping more people buy the home of their dreams, even without a large down payment or traditional credit. For more information about the potential benefits and considerations of homeownership see our My First Home, an online learning experience for first-time buyers. Reach out to a home mortgage consultant today to explore your homebuying possibilities.


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