Purchasing your home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make. Your home is your largest investment and we understand that there are many factors that go into finding the right home for you and your family. At Tim Lewis Communities we keep our eventual homebuyers in mind from the moment we first purchase the land to build our new home communities on, through the careful design and construction of each of our new homes. Here are some of the benefits of buying a brand new home vs an existing home:

Tim Lewis Communities lists benefits of buying a brand new home

Benefits of Buying a Brand New Home


Innovations in technology, the latest in energy efficiency, design trends that speak to the needs of the modern family and peace-of-mind through warranties are all reasons to choose a newly built home vs an existing home. Let’s look at what each of these benefits means to you, the home buyer:

  • Innovations in New Home Technology –  Everything in our world is getting smarter, easier, faster and more capable of accommodating and even anticipating our needs. Shouldn’t your home do the same? New homes are being designed and built to incorporate the latest and ever-changing world of technology, making it easier to keep your home and your family safe and comfortable.
  • Energy Efficient Features – From appliances to solar, new homes are being built to help conserve energy and our natural resources. At Tim Lewis Communities, we’re conscious and passionate about green home building and practices. New home design and energy efficient features help homebuyers save money each month.
  • New Home Design – Families have changed over time and the expectations and needs of today’s family look very different from what it did in years past. Today, you can expect to find busy families gathering and moving through the kitchen, dining area, and living spaces. Kitchens are more likely to see gatherings of friends, neighbors, and teammates making the need for open space not only desirable but needed and expected.
  • Warranty – New homes and their features are under warranty. The peace-of-mind that comes with knowing your biggest investment is covered is one of the best reasons to choose a newly built home. Warranties vary depending on the builder and other factors. Keep in mind the benefits of choosing a builder who offers the security of a structural warranty.
  • Choices – Being part of the process in your home’s design is a huge benefit of buying a brand new home. Choosing color and texture for key elements of your home adds to the excitement of owning a home that reflects your style.
  • Location – New home communities are being built near top-rated schools, trails, and greenbelts with convenience to shopping, dining, and the easiest commute routes. The ease of having everything that’s important to you and your family nearby is kept in mind during the design of new home communities.

Choosing your new home requires many decisions. We understand that convenience, security, and peace-of-mind are all part of the decision-making process. According to a 2014 Trulia survey, nearly twice as many Americans say they prefer a new home to an existing home. We can certainly understand why.


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