Buying a home is the biggest financial investment you may ever make. While many realtors will try to push you towards a “new-to-you home,” we here at Tim Lewis Communities believe that new homes provide benefits you can’t get in a previously owned home. While realtors may be hesitant to pursue a new home build with a client due to the longer closing time, we are here to tell you the wait is worth it. Join us as we dive into all the benefits of buying a new home.


Advantages To Buying A New Home


Innovations in New Home Technology

Our homes are built with the latest “smart home” technology. From a garbage disposal air switch to tankless water heaters, we are constantly adding new technology to our standard features. Did we mention every Tim Lewis Home comes with a Tesla Electric Vehicle charger? How is that for new technology in your home? Above all, our new homes are designed to incorporate the latest technology, making it easier to keep your home and your family safe and comfortable.


Energy Efficiency

Our new homes are built to help not only the environment, but also your wallet. With the harsh summer heat of Northern California and the cold winters of Northern Nevada, it is important to have the most efficient home. From appliances to solar, we are building to help conserve energy and our natural resources. We’re conscious and passionate about green home building and practices at Tim Lewis Communities. New home design and energy-efficient features help homebuyers save money each month.



When buying a “new-to-you home,” there are not many choices you get to make. The countertops have been picked, the fixtures are in place, and the flooring has been laid. With a new home, you get to be a part of the home design process. Tim Lewis’ Design Center lets you do just that – enjoy making your home your own.

Tim Lewis’ Design Center for designing your new home



One of the best parts about purchasing a new home is your home and all its features are under warranty. If you purchased a “new-to-you home” and your water heater stops working, you are responsible for replacing it. When you buy a home from Tim Lewis, you simply contact our Warranty Services, and they help you with your repair. Enjoy having peace of mind knowing the structure of your home and its appliances are covered. 



Where you live is so important for every aspect of your life. Convenience to work and entertainment can be a big factor in deciding where to live. We choose our communities based on proximity to top-rated schools, shopping, dining, and the easiest commute routes. We also plan communities according to biking/walking trails, parks, and greenbelts. Having everything you could want at your fingertips is key to the design of new home communities.


Now Is The Time To Buy A New Home

While there has been a lot of talk about rising interest rates, they are still below the 50-year average. With rates in the upper 18% in the 1980s, upper 9% in the 1990s, and upper 8% in the early 2000s, the rates of 2022 are not as bad as one may think. Take a look at Freddie Mac’s chart of weekly interest rate averages in the U.S.


Tim Lewis’ Design Center for designing your new home

Enjoy The Benefits Of Buying A New Home

Start your new homeowner journey in a Tim Lewis Community. With a variety of Northern California and Northern Nevada homes, we have a home that will fit your needs. Take a look at all our current and upcoming communities, and ask us how we can help you by buying down your interest rate to give you more buying power and lower your monthly payment!


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