There are several benefits to buying a QMI Home! A quick-move-in home (QMI) by definition is new home that is complete or almost complete. It is either on the market or will be very soon! There are several reasons it’s a great idea to buy a QMI home in this growing market. Your home will be new, energy efficient, and of high quality! One of the best features of a QMI home is they do not take as long to move into versus beginning the process of a new build. Read more to see why you should buy a new QMI home.


Buying a resale home that needs some work sounds like a good idea – until you are knee deep in dust and tiles asking yourself why you didn’t buy a finished home. Owning a QMI home is less maintenance – you won’t have to worry about your appliances and other items around the house because they will be under warranty. With resale homes, there will most likely be a checklist of items to update which could lead to unexpected costs.

Energy Efficient:

New homes are more energy efficient than resale homes. This will lead to lower energy bills and will save you money every single month! These new QMI homes are built to a different code than older resale homes, depending on the year they were built. New high end appliances, insulation, and windows can all help keep energy usage low which is great for your wallet.

High Quality:

With a QMI home, you will see upgraded appliances, upgraded heating and air units, upgraded paint, roofs, and more! These homes are ready to go and you won’t have to go through the process of customizing everything yourself which is a huge stress relief. You also will not have to go through any renovations which is nice.

Tim Lewis Communities offers beautiful QMI homes that offer elegant upgrades on appliances and features in the home. Learn more about Tim Lewis Communities here and see which communities have QMI options.