If your Pinterest board is filled with images of your dream living room or office space, but your garage is full of muddy shoes, you may be neglecting a huge part of your new home’s potential! Bridle Gate offers four breathtaking floor plans for those looking for their new home in Reno, each featuring a spacious 3 car garage. Discover how to maximize your home’s potential by thinking of your garage as much more than just somewhere to park your car.

How To Maximize The Potential Of Your 3 Car Garage Floor Plan

Simple Organization Tips

To really maximize your use of your 3 car garage, get creative with your storage space. There’s a lot you could do to free up room in your garage for your vehicles or to create space for your hobbies. It’s time to think beyond just a shoe rack or a couple of cabinets. Here are a few tips to get you started:


  • Think of what you need frequent access to. If you’re an avid cyclist then your bike should be easy to get to. But in mid-June, it’s probably safe to plan on putting the Christmas Tree on a top shelf out of site.
  • Sketch it out. Draw out your garage to help yourself visualize what you’re storing and what needs to go where. This can help you determine which creative solutions will work for you, like ceiling-mounted bike racks.
  • Keep things off the floor. Mounds of items on the floor make it harder to park your car, and make the space feel more cluttered. Hang things up or tuck them away in designated cabinets or shelves.


Maximizing your use of the storage space your 3 car garage floor plan offers is the perfect way to free yourself of clutter AND to open up the potential of turning your garage into a more creative space!

Create A Creative Space

Your garage has so much more potential than simply a place to park your car. With the roomy 3 car garages at Bridle Gate, you can still park your vehicles and have extra space to invest in something more creative.

You can spruce the place up and add some seating to make your garage a cozy spot to spend time outside, or consider creating room for your hobbies, like a workshop or artist’s studio.

There are a few simple changes you can make to create a comfortable additional living space in your garage: 


  • Great lighting. You’ll be spending plenty of time out here, make sure to invest in comfortable lighting options.
  • Electrical power. You’ll want to have plenty of power, especially if you’re using your garage as a workshop and will be using power tools.
  • Don’t be afraid to decorate! Make your garage a more enjoyable place to spend time with decorations. It’s easy to overlook this outdoor space, but putting up some art and other personal touches can make it feel much more welcoming.


Bring The Gym Home

Your garage is the perfect place to set up your own at home gym. Create the crossfit space you’ve been dreaming of, or simply add a treadmill so you can throw open the door and enjoy some fresh air while you run.

Are you more of an outdoor fitness guru? Reno is home to some of the best playgrounds for outdoor enthusiasts in the world! A 3 car garage offers plenty of spaces to store your outdoor gear, too. You can mount your skis on the walls for safe storage, or enjoy a covered spot to park your ATV.

Make your new home your own by taking advantage of unique spaces like these 3 car garages available in our Bridle Gate homes in Reno. There’s plenty of room to create an ideal space for everyone in the family! Schedule a virtual tour with our agents today to get a peek at your new home! Get started here.