With a New Year comes new resolutions! One of the best decisions you can make at the beginning of the year is to make a new house your home. Don’t believe us? Check out these five reasons why you should consider moving in the new year.

New Year’s Resolution: New Home

Test the Elements – Cold Weather Can Make or Break Your Decision

One of the most important elements when considering a new home, especially when you are relocating, is knowing what the typical climate will consist of in that area. Get first-hand knowledge by touring homes you’re interested in during the coldest season of the year. For instance, if you’re considering a move to Reno but have never lived in snow-country before, you might want to tour the homes during the peak season to see if you can handle not only the temperature but also the environment, such as icy roads and sometimes snowed-in driveways. 

Less Competition, More Choices!

Because of the school calendar, many families decide to move during the summer to avoid the hassle of moving during tests, homework, and extracurricular activities. Because of this, there’s less competition during the winter months! Have the pick of your dream home among our communities, especially if you are starting the home buying process early with one of our newer communities, such as Bridle Gate in Reno, NV or The Summit in Rocklin, CA.

New Year’s Resolution: New Home

Get the Most Value 

As many communities prepare for new builds in the spring, the top priority becomes closing out the current communities and helping as many people as possible call these houses home. Here at Tim Lewis Communities, we have many Quick-Move-In homes that are perfectly priced, including some with recent price reductions! You can see the savings for yourself at our Year-End Blowout blog, but move quickly as these homes are sure to be gone by the beginning of the year!

Less Holiday Stress and Moving Mess

Once you’ve passed New Years Day, the next “major” holiday doesn’t occur for a while. Use the downtime to make a new house your home. Not only will the season encourage you to stay cozy indoors so you can pack and plan, but the colder weather is perfect for decorating and nesting once you get to your new dream home! 

New Year’s Resolution: New Home

New Year, New Home, New Beginnings!

Whether you are a fan of resolutions or not, there is no denying the magic feeling of starting fresh in the new year. Take the goal setting to the next level by accomplishing one of the biggest steps you’ll take in your life – purchasing a new home. Here at Tim Lewis Communities, we have many options for you to consider. Whether you are moving from sunny Sacramento to a new adventure in Reno or settling down with a growing family in Rocklin, California, we have a new home that’s perfect for you. Check out our current communities and get a head start on the home buying process. Cheers to a wonderful new year ahead!