At Tim Lewis Communities, we have a mantra that we believe in and which guides all that we do—It’s simple yet precise.

Our commitment is in bringing five-star quality home to our families.


As a Northern California homebuilder with more than 30 years of experience, we are crafting homes of solid value and exceptional quality for hundreds of satisfied homeowners.

We take this belief of “5 Star Quality” to heart and use it when partnering with another company to help bring the dream of homeownership to a buyer.

Although we try to make the home buying process as smooth as possible, we know that there are hurdles that can arise.

One such issue is a potential homeowners credit score.  We understand that life can happen and there can and will be blemishes on a buyer’s credit report.

To ensure that we are offering the best options for our buyers we are pleased to announce our  partnership with a local Sacramento Credit Repair company, Blue Water Credit.










Who is Blue Water Credit?

Headquartered in Roseville, CA, Blue Water Credit is a legal and ethical credit repair company and stating that is very important to us.

We want to be able to provide our buyers with a solution if they need help with some credit issues so that they can successfully purchase a Tim Lewis Community home!

A few of our clients recently had success with this company and are now proud homeowners within two of our beautiful communities.

We referred potential homeowners to Jeff Sipes and his team to help raise their credit scores. Here were two of the scenarios that they were able to assist with.  We wanted to share some actions taken and how they were able to help these buyers get into their new home.












An Honest Credit Card Mistake

A father whose son used his credit card instead of debit and the payment was missed. Sometimes this happens and family members will use one another’s cards. While we know that this happens, we don’t recommend it!  In this case, the Blue Water team was able to remove  42% of the accounts affecting their credit score.  This       caused our clients FICO score to be increased and able to get a home!


Bad Credit Caused By Divorce

We had a home buyer that unfortunately, had their credit dragged through divorce proceedings. To help our client, the Blue Water team made sure to that our buyer did not open any new accounts prior to getting approved for a home loan. That was important! Over the course of 3 to 4 months they boosted their credit scores by only using 1-10% of available credit limits. After Blue Water Credit dove deep into the buyer’s credit report, the homebuyer realized that there were accounts listed that were not correct. Delinquent accounts can be removed from a credit report 35-40% of the time because they are inaccurate, incomplete or unverifiable. Cleaning these up had a dramatic increase in FICO score.

We’re happy to report that these two new families will soon be settling into their new Tim Lewis homes!

One family found their future home at our Shoreline at Rivers Island community purchasing a single family home in Lathrop, California. The other family has chosen our Highland Estates neighborhood in Sparks, NV as their place to call home.

We’re always happy to assist new homebuyers, and if that means going the extra mile to introduce them to a resource that could help them, we will do it. If you have a scenario like the ones mentioned or have any credit-related items you would like to review, please feel free to connect with Jeff Sipes and the team at Blue Water Credit.


Here is their contact information:

Direct Line:  916 – 315 – 9190

Email: [email protected]


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