Zinfandel Ridge II is a close-knit community where the past meets the present, and the joys of life slow down to a comfortable pace. This beautiful community is located in the heart of Plymouth, California. Offering a unique blend of historical charm and world-class wine tasting, the serenity at Zinfandel Ridge II is an idyllic escape from the suburbs.


Historic Charm and Thriving Vineyards

Kennedy Mine, Jackson, Amador County

Plymouth, located in the beautiful Amador County, is known for its rich history and gold rush heritage. As you step into this quaint town, you’ll be surrounded by the remnants of Gold Rush-era mines. Journey into the past and explore historic mining sites where the dreams of fortune once took root.

Historical charm is not all that Plymouth has to offer; this town is ideal for wine enthusiasts. Within reach of Zinfandel Ridge II lies a multitude of award-winning wineries and tasting rooms. Indulge in an afternoon of wine tasting as you savor the flavors of renowned Zinfandels and other exquisite varieties, all crafted with passion and precision by local vintners.

Image Sourced: https://amadorgold.net/tours/mines/kennedy/index.html


Enjoy a Slower Pace of Life

At Zinfandel Ridge II, life takes on a more leisurely rhythm. Here, you can leave the hustle and bustle of the suburbs behind and bask in a tranquil lifestyle. The community’s thoughtful design and gorgeous surroundings offer the perfect setting to unwind and savor quiet moments.

With various upscale home designs surrounded by natural beauty, Zinfandel Ridge II invites you to create your own oasis. In this community, you’ll enjoy waking up to breathtaking views of the countryside and spending peaceful evenings with loved ones in your spacious backyard.


Experience the Best of Both Worlds

Zinfandel Ridge II combines the appeal of historical exploration and natural beauty with the pleasures of modern living. Discover the charm of Plymouth’s mining history, afternoon wine tastings, and the comfort of your luxury home in a welcoming community.

This beautiful community is the perfect place for you to call home. Reach out to us to start the journey toward your dream life at Zinfandel Ridge II!