At Tim Lewis Communities we are committed to your ultimate satisfaction and stand by our work with a 10-year structural warranty. Click here to see a video presented by 2-10 Homebuyers Warranty.

In addition to our personalized service and our great attention to detail we also keep you informed about the construction of your new home throughout the entire process. The steps below outline this process and reinforce our commitment to you. FAQ

1. Your Sales Agreement

At Tim Lewis Communities, we understand the importance of your decision to buy a new home. It’s a big commitment and there’s much to do—for both of us. This begins with your Sales Agreement. It’s our chance to outline what must happen to meet our obligations to one another.

Your Sales Agreement document sets the course or the path where your homebuying journey begins. Any and all information regarding the responsibilities of both parties is defined within the Agreement. It confirms many important aspects of the home you have chosen; the lot and address, floor pan, approximate square footage of your home, its elevation, and any structural option features you may have selected (structural options will require additional deposits). Your Sales Consultant will guide you through each step of the Agreement. We also recommend that you review your Agreement again when you have some uninterrupted time at home. If there is anything you don’t understand please contact your Sales Consultant with any questions you have. We want you to have a thorough understanding of the Agreement.

While the Sales Agreement is the first step in the process, it is common for our buyers to want to know one of the final steps this early stage—your home completion date. Unless you are purchasing a completed home, Tim Lewis Communities can only estimate a completion date. Several factors affect the progress of building a home. Weather, of course, is a big factor. The availability of quality building products like wood, concrete and roofing materials, and occasionally even skilled labor, are all important components that will ultimately determine your home’s completion date. Our team will communicate with you throughout the building process, keeping you informed of your home’s progress.

2. The Lender Process

It is important for us to align our business with a lender that understands the complexity of the ever-changing mortgage market. Not all lenders understand the mortgage process for new home construction so look for a lender that understands and recognizes that every customer’s needs are unique and will take the time to listen to your individual financing requirements for your new home. In order to ensure a smooth and swift approval timeline, you will need current income and asset documentation at your lending appointment. Ask your Loan Officer if you have any questions about this documentation. Based on your information, your loan officer will tailor loan options that meet your individual needs.

You will receive an estimate at the time of loan pre-qualification which will outline the approximate costs required at close of escrow. This estimate may be revised depending on interest rates at the time you choose to lock in your loan terms. With your loan approval in place, your Loan Officer will notify our Design Center of the amount of option costs that can be included in your mortgage. This will allow you to manage your budget to personalize your design selections.

You can expect your Loan Officer to keep you informed of the progress on your loan process.

3. The Meet and Greet

At TIm Lewis Communities, we want you to feel confident that our entire team has your best interest in mind. Shortly after you have purchased your new home, your Sales Consultant will arrange for you to meet with our Construction Manager and Customer Care Representative. They will discuss the construction process and answer any questions that you may have. We believe you will find this appointment informative and trust you will feel more comfortable having met the team that is overseeing the quality of construction in your new home.

4. Design Center Appointment

Once you have met with your Loan Officer and determined your financing options, it is time to set an appointment to visit our Design Center.

At Tim Lewis Communities, our homes are built with an array of quality features and name brand components that are included in the base price of the home. We also recognize the variety of personal preferences and lifestyle choices that our customers have and understand your desire to personalize your home to meet your family’s taste. Our Design Center will assist in accommodating these needs. At Tim Lewis Communities, we take pride in offering the most contemporary and innovative design selections available for your new home.

The design selections available for you to choose are dependent on the phase of construction that your home is in a the time of purchase. Our Design Counselor will help explain the features, benefits, and care requirements for the many available products.

Our Design Counselor will call and set an appointment with you and will also give you a reminder call the day before your appointment.

Please give consideration to other customers at appointments. If you are going to be late or need to cancel your appointment, please contact our Design Counselor as soon as possible.

Color selections include cabinetry, countertops, and flooring, just to name a few. When choosing these selections, it is helpful to bring any upholstery fabrics or photos of your furnishings to coordinate at the Design Center. You can expect your Design appointment to last two to three hours.

We ask that small children and pets do not attend your appointment.

Please remember that a deposit check is required for selections at this time. Many of the products that go into your home require a long lead time from our suppliers. It is for this reason that we must adhere to “cut off” dates for making your selections. Once you have finalized your selections, we will notify our building partners to provide the necessary lead time to ensure your selections are reserved for timely installation.

5. Frame Walk

Prior to insulation being installed in your home, your New Home Sales Consultant will schedule you and a member of our construction team to walk your home at “frame” stage. This is when you will review your Design Center selections with our Construction Team and learn more about many of the components within the walls of your home. Please be sure to wear safe, close-toed shoes to this appointment and bring your “Homeowner’s Manual” for reference to design selection paperwork. Due to safety reasons, this appointment is not appropriate for young children to attend.

6. Construction Phase Communication

During the construction of your new home, it is important to respect the
job site as a restricted area. Should you wish to visit your home while under construction, schedule an appointment with your Sales Consultant. Safe shoes and hard hats must be worn anytime you are in the community while homes are under construction. Your Sales Consultant will check with our Construction Manager to arrange a time when you will not be in harms way or interrupting the construction schedule. In order to not interrupt Construction’s scheduling, all questions regarding the construction of your home should be directed to your Sales Consultant. They will discuss your questions with our Construction Manager and relay the answers back to you.

7. New Home Orientation

Approximately 21-30 days prior to completion of your home, you will be scheduled for your New Home Orientation and your Final Acceptance Walk Appointments. Now that your home has passed our strenuous Quality Control inspections, it is time for your New Home Orientation, which begins in the Sales Center with your Customer Care Representative.

You will be escorted to your new home and receive a detailed presentation as well as instructions on how all of its components operate. Should any items be identified as needing correction, it is our goal to have them completed within one week in order that we maintain your Final Acceptance Walk appointment.

8. Title Appointment

Once our Title Officer has received your loan documents from your lender, they will be able to give you the final costs to close escrow on your home and schedule your signing appointment. You will need to bring a cashier’s check and a photo ID with you to your appointment. If you purchased your home as a cash sale, you may receive your final costs to close escrow up to seven days prior to your appointment.

9. Financial Acceptance Appointment

At Tim Lewis Communities, we are committed to presenting you with a home that is 100% complete and meets our high quality standards. If an item noted for correction cannot be completed by this appointment, a completation date will be confirmed at this appointment. Once we are in agreement that your home meets our quality standards, you can notify the title company that your loan is ready to be funded.

10. Receive Your Keys

Once your loan has funded, the title company has just one last requirement prior to your Sales Consultant being able to release your keys to you. Your deed must be recorded at the County Recorder’s office. This generally takes 24-48 hours after funding. Your Sales Consultant will be notified immediately upon confirmation of recording and then, and only then, can they release your keys to you.

11. 15-Day Follow-Up

At your final Acceptance Appointment, your Customer Care Representative will pre-schedule your 15-Day Customer Care follow-up appointment. This gives us an opportunity to address any of your questions you may have and go over important routine maintenance procedures.

12. Move-In Surveys

At Tim Lewis Communities, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and service. Within the first 30 days after move-in, mid-year and year-end, you will receive a survey from Eliant Surveys, a third-party consultant, asking for your assessment of how we met our commitment.

We appreciate your taking the time from your busy schedules to let us know how we did at each stage after you move in to your home. Nothing is more rewarding than knowing we’ve accomplished our goal of creating an exceptional homebuying experience for your and your family.

13. 4-Month Follow-Up

Now that you have been in your new home for a few months, there may be a need for a few minor adjustments. We will inspect any of your warranty issues and schedule any necessary trade people at this appointment. We will perform a courtesy maintenance inspection. This appointment will be pre-scheduled at the conclusion of your 15-Day Customer Care appointment.

14. 11-Month Follow-Up

Where does the time go? We wouldn’t want this year to go by without checking in and seeing how everything is going. We’ll also take this opportunity to remind you of important maintenance tips that will help protect the value of your home in the years to come.

15. Home Sweet Home!


"Our commitment at Tim Lewis Communities is to be the region’s top homebuilder in overall homeowner satisfaction."