I’m interested in a Tim Lewis Communities home. What is my next step?

Please contact a Tim Lewis Communities Sales Manager at the community where you are interested in buying a home. To look at our range of communities visit our Find Your Home page.

How quickly can I move into a Tim Lewis Communities home?

Typically when you purchase a newly constructed home the process can take anywhere from 4 months to one year or more depending on the schedule and timing of your particular home and home site. The process can be much shorter if it is an existing home under construction. Your personal sales consultant will be better able to answer this question for you with reference to your community

Should I choose a home model first or a homesite?

Your community consultant can help you best with the process however it is usually easier to choose which model you like first and then move to homesite selection. Different communities offer different models and it is important to know which model you desire before deciding which homesite works best for you and the model you’ve chosen. Nevertheless if you have your heart set on a particular homesite you should move quickly to secure it.

How do I choose a homesite?

Our experienced sales professionals will assist you in choosing the right homesite and floor plan model for your lifestyle. Do I need a real estate agent to buy a new Tim Lewis Communities home? No you do not need a real estate agent. Our experienced sales staff can assist you throughout the home buying process.

Once I choose a floor plan model do I have any other options?

Yes! There are several other options that are available to you to personalize your home. At time of contract you will be asked to make your structural selections. These are items that will affect your foundation such as room extensions fireplaces and ceiling vaults. Shortly after that you will have the opportunity to make your color and interior selections including but not limited to flooring and cabinets. A sales professional will be there to assist you through all of these selections.

Are new homes as well built as older homes?

According to the National Association of Home Builders yes. Because of better windows more efficient heating and cooling equipment better control of air infiltration and greater use of insulation new homes consume half as much energy as homes built prior to 1980. Old homes tend to be drafty and less comfortable. Also frost and condensation are more likely to appear on windows of older homes drip down and cause deterioration of wood trim and walls.

Are new homes safer than older homes?

According to the National Association of Home Builders yes. Occupants of new homes are much less likely to die from fire than occupants of older homes. New homes have hard-wired smoke detectors that operate even when the power goes out. Space heaters and wood stoves the second leading cause of fire deaths are not needed in new homes because of more efficient central heating systems and better insulation.