Are you giving away your hard-earned money towards someone else’s investment? Having to ask permission to make a home your own, just the way you want it and with what you want in it? Thinking now is not the right time to buy? You might think you don’t have a choice or the timing is off, but home buying is enjoying its golden hour, and you don’t want to miss this window. This American dream has never been more of an achievable reality for many renters than it is now. 

The average three-bedroom Sacramento apartment is $2825, yet giving up a bedroom will save you very little, with the average being $2500 for a two-bedroom. 2021 alone saw over an 18% increase in rental prices year-to-year. With rents this high, people are realizing exploring their options is absolutely necessary to keep from paying increasingly more. The best way to lock in a set price is homeownership. It is hard to break out of the rent cycle. Still, with income requirements being generously flexible, a little work history and a reasonable debt-to-income ratio can take you a long way. 

Beyond being protected against inflation, homeowners build that critical equity that can be used in the future or when times get tough, and they need to borrow against their home. The safety provided to homeowners is also thankfully tax-deductible, with write-off for mortgage payments, mortgage insurance, and home improvements. Big financial perks renters will never enjoy on tax day.


No More Lease Agreements

Renting can make the most put-together adult feel like a bit of a child as they ask permission to improve the house’s aesthetics to suit their personal taste and lifestyle. From wanting to hang a picture to having a place for your four-legged friend to live, landlords ultimately hold power. When switching from renting to owning, no permission is necessary. Long gone are the days of paying pet deposits and having to stare at an ugly paint color. The perks of homeownership are numerous and will have you feeling more at home than ever before.


Now is the Time to Make the Investment of a Lifetime

Most people jump into a five-year car payment without batting an eye. Why should homeownership be different? Everyone has living expenses, so why shouldn’t yours be going towards owning a home? After just six years, a homeowner’s mortgage payment is lower than that of a renter, according to the National Association of REALTORS® report. This assumes the rent has a modest 5% increase each year while the homeowner is paying a fixed monthly payment. And renters won’t be surprised to hear the Sacramento area is rising at double that National average for a whopping 10% each year.


Tim Lewis Communities Has Helped Countless Renters Become Owners

Tim Lewis Communities believes building outstanding homes also includes having an exceptional reputation with new homeowners, and our clients can’t say enough kind words about us. While admittedly, buying a home is some work, our TLC staff is with you all the way, supporting you through the process. We always communicate with you through each step and are here to help. When you finance your home with Tim Lewis Communities, you benefit from our combined decades of experience. Please get in touch and experience the level of care our team provides new buyers in their homeownership journey.

Become A Homeowner!