We have great news, Magnolia at Granite Bay is coming soon! Magnolia will consist of over 110 acres, with only 89 one-acre homesites placed behind privacy gates. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity won’t last long. Granite Bay is the place to be, with numerous activities and amenities you won’t want to miss out on. 

This growing community offers everything you need to live a fulfilling and worthwhile life no matter your age. From the recreation to the top-rated schools, Granite Bay makes its community feel welcomed. Continue reading to learn why Granite Bay is the best up-and-coming city.


Why Choose Granite Bay?

Granite Bay is growing rapidly, but very intentionally. With a significant focus on community, you will find an abundance of efforts to join people together and create memories along the way. Not only is the community great, but the weather is beautiful and desirable for many individuals. You can experience all four seasons with mild conditions that allow you to live the lifestyle you want year-round. Perfect for engaging in the heart and soul of this city while getting the most out of every day.



A great educational experience is what sets a child up for success in life. Granite Bay offers top-rated schools that build students’ ability to excel and receive the best education possible. Our community enhances the lives of each child that lives here and allows them to learn, grow, and engage in their creativity. Giving children the proper education and resources provides them with immediate benefits and long-lasting knowledge that will give them the tools they need to become our future leaders.



The Fountains in Roseville

Whether you enjoy a fast or slow-paced lifestyle, Granite Bay adapts to the needs and wants of all individuals. You will find a wide variety of ways to engage with the community and join in on the activities that are taking place. While joining in the fun is a significant part of this city, it also offers great medical facilities that you and your family can trust and rely on. Granite Bay is the place to be if you enjoy being part of a community that cares and offers unique ways to spend your time. 

Some of Granite Bay’s top-rated amenities include:

Top Tier Gyms: Lifetime Fitness, VillaSport Athletic Club, Crunch Fitness


Outdoor Activities For Everyone

Folsom Lake

No matter what age you are, Granite Bay offers an immense amount of outdoor activities that everyone can take part in. From lighter activities such as a relaxing golf trip to a more intense engagement of skiing on the mountains of Tahoe, you will never run out of fun things to do. Some of the activities include:


Conveniently Located

While Granite Bay offers plenty of amenities and resources that are highly sought out , it’s also close in proximity to nearby cities such as Reno, San Francisco, and Napa Valley. These three locations are all less than a two-hour drive from Granite Bay and offer top-tier amenities that you won’t be able to resist.

With such a quick drive to each city, you have multiple options to spend your free time and make lifelong memories. This convenience brings value for you to live the lifestyle you want without the hassle of a long, draining road trip. Almost everything you could want to do is near Granite Bay; it is simply up to you to decide what adventure you will embark on next!


Join This Growing Community Today!

The best part about living in Granite Bay is the city adapts to your lifestyle and how you want to live your everyday life. With various amenities and activities to take part in, there will never be a dull moment. From entertainment to outdoor activities, the whole family is sure to find something. 

Granite Bay is a growing community catching the attention of many prospective homeowners. With the seemingly never-ending benefits of this city, it is a great place to not only raise a family but enjoy what life has to offer. Tim Lewis Communities makes your dreams come true and does so in a city full of energy and thrills. Join Magnolia at Granite Bay today!


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