The Golden State doesn’t look as Golden as it once did. Between the increases in taxes, lack of bandwidth in the power grid, extreme gas prices, and record-breaking rising temperatures, it is no wonder why so many people are leaving the once Golden State. Not sure where to spend the good years? Join us as we discuss why you should move to Northern Nevada.

Northern Nevada Living

The list of reasons to move to Nevada is extensive, from the cost of living to the outdoor activities. While there could be pages of reasons to move to Nevada, we will highlight the top 5 reasons.

Lower Taxes

One of the biggest pulls to Nevada is the lower taxes. Nevada does not have any individual income tax. Plus, Nevada ranks as the state with the 9th lowest property tax in the country. A move to Nevada can save you thousands of dollars every year.

Less Expensive

Not only will you receive greater tax advantages, but your overall cost of living will be less. Groceries in Nevada are 4.5% cheaper than in California. Utilities are 12% lower, and homes cost 17.2% less. As of September 2022, Californians were paying an average of $5.426 for a gallon of gas, and Nevadians were paying $4.925. If numbers alone don’t make you want to move, maybe the amenities will.

Outdoor Activities

Are you looking to have activities to do with your kids and grandkids? Northern Nevada is the go-to destination for all outdoor adventures.

Summer Activities
Lake Tahoe
Horseback Riding

Winter Activities
Skiing and Snowboarding
Ice Skating



Diverse Attractions

You already know about the outdoor amenities that Northern Nevada has to offer, but if you are more of an indoor person, no need to head east, there is still plenty for you to do. Whether you want to take a step back into history in Virginia City or are looking for a night on the town in Reno, Northern Nevada has activities for whatever your speed.

Carson City
Nevada Capitol Building
Nevada State Museum
Children’s Museum
Historic Downtown Shopping

Virginia City

World Class Shows
Top Restaurants
Reno Aces

Top Place To Retire

Northern Nevada is the perfect place to retire! You’ll find top-tier health care, affordable cost of living, and socializing opportunities year-round in Nevada. No need to worry about returning to the Golden State for visits. Looking in on loved ones is a breeze, with easy access to Interstate-80, Highway 50, and Highway 395. Start living the good life in the Silver State!


Where In Northern Nevada Should I Move?

While there are great towns throughout Northern Nevada, Gardnerville is the perfect small town to move to. Enjoy easy access to all the amazing offerings you want when moving to Nevada.

Gardnerville is nestled in the foothills of the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is close to parks, restaurants, outdoor recreation, and great schools. Not to mention, almost everyone living in Gardnerville is happy and friendly. Get ready to wave to your neighbors with a genuine happy wave back.

Kingsbury Estates, Gardnerville’s newest community, is in development and selling now! Don’t miss your opportunity to join a safe and newly built community.