The decision to purchase a new home, instead of renovating your current home, can be a difficult one. With all the DIY home shows that send in teams of remodeling and renovating experts, making everything look like a 3-day project, it can be easy to get caught up in a trap that ends up going over budget and leaving your family living in a construction zone for months.

Unless you’re working with a no-limit budget, renovations tend to fall short of what today’s buyers find important when looking for a home. Energy efficient construction, windows and appliances as well as updated heating, air conditioning, water heaters and insulation, are just some of the features you’ll find in today’s New Homes.

DIY Kitchen Remodel

Old Insulation

Tim Lewis homes offers 5-Star experience living, in some of the most well-planned and desirable areas of Reno Nevada, Sparks Nevada and Northern California. After you have purchased your Tim Lewis Communities home you have the opportunity to work with our design consulting team to make it distinctly yours. Our New Home Design Center offers abundant options in flooring and kitchen cabinetry, plus special amenities and other finishing touches for your home. You will have the guidance and assistance of our expert designers in creating a distinctive look that strikes the perfect balance between your dreams and your budget.

Constructing a new Tim Lewis Communities home

A new, Tim Lewis Communities Home

Another mind-easing perk of buying a new, Tim Lewis Communities home is that we’ve developed an 8-Step Process that keeps you informed of every step of your home’s construction. Unlike choosing to remodel your current home, you will be aware of each step of your home’s construction, without the headache of trying to live your daily life with construction crews or the sound of power tools and equipment.

Buying new makes sense for your peace-of-mind and your wallet. Visit our website for more information and to book your tour of one of our Green Home Communities. We look forward to seeing you!

To find out more about what a Green Home by Tim Lewis Communities could mean for your family, email us today!

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