Are you moving to Sacramento or another new city? Relocating is a big decision, but you’re in good company: the Greater Sacramento Area, including inviting communities like Elk Grove and Rocklin, has become increasingly popular for Bay Area transplants!

There are a lot of wonderful reasons to move to a new home now, such as moving for a new career, to be closer to family, or to a more affordable community or a community that’s a better fit for your family. Uncertain economic times don’t have to prevent your move if you’re careful to take the right steps to prepare.

Learn how to move to a new city, even in the current climate of economic uncertainty.

The Best Approach To Moving To A New City In Uncertain Times

#1: Consider The Benefits

Moving to a new city can come with benefits that make it an appealing option. For example, If you’re dreaming of making the move from renting to owning, moving to a city with a lower cost of living can help you achieve that dream. Lower mortgage rates and housing prices can also make moving to a new home in a time of economic uncertainty more appealing.

#2: Understand Your Finances

When moving to a new city, especially when you are concerned about the economy, it’s important to be very aware of moving costs and budget carefully. Moving can be an excellent opportunity for your family, especially if you craft a budget that will let you enjoy the experience! 

Create a detailed budget so that you’re able to plan for all moving costs, any costs associated with your home purchase, as well as the first few months living in your new area.

#3: Shop Online

Tim Lewis offers a complete online home buying experience, making it especially convenient to begin planning your move to a new city even when you may not be able to visit right away. When looking to buy your new home, it’s best to start your online shopping as early as possible so you can rest easy knowing you have your new home lined up in time for your move.

#4: Get To Know The Area

Get to know your new neighborhood! You can use sites like Greatschools to explore where your kids will be going to school, and Google Maps and Yelp are both excellent tools to get a feel for your new area and its culture. Explore nearby restaurants, daydream about the parks you’ll visit, and take a virtual stroll down the streets.

Not sure where to start? Your Tim Lewis agent can help you get a better picture of life in your future community.

#5: Find Your New Community

When moving to a new city, connecting with your new community can help you feel more at home. This could take the form of new colleagues if you’re relocating for work. If you’re moving somewhere with a community gathering place, like a beautiful park, or a community amenity like The Summit at Whitney Ranch’s Ranch House, getting to know your neighbors can also help you create connections! 

Moving to a new city can open up exciting new opportunities for your career and for your family. If you plan on moving to Sacramento, Reno, or another city, let Tim Lewis partner with you to help the process go a little smoother. Find a Tim Lewis community that’s right for you to set up a video tour with our agents! Get started.